Where there is M1, there is home.

Mechanical Functionalities

Mechanical functions that allow our machine to ensure the perfect preservation of each meal.

Software Functionalities

Software that allows you to monitor and control the machine in all its aspects

User Unit

Functionality and peculiarity that make the first approach to the machine intuitive and simple.

Mechanical Functionalities

Flexibility & modularity.

M1 is able to accommodate any type of food and trays of any size. In addition, you can compose your machine as a LEGO to place it at its best, in fact a totem can control up to 4 fridge units, to provide from 32 to 128 products at the same time


The machine offers a high level of safety with advanced signaling and control systems to preserve the products inside it.


M1 is the perfect combination of familiarity and functionality. Where there is M1 there is home


The system is simple to use, in fact the consumer can simply browse and select the product through the interactive totem that once made payment transactions will show where to pick up the meal. At this point the customer will simply open the refrigerator door and take the meal as if it were at home.

Touch Screen 15.5″ 4:3
Power Supply  Single-phase, 230V/50Hz
Fresh +2°C ± 1°C
Frozen  -18°C ± 1°C
Length x Width x Height 240 x 175 x 40 mm
Cooling unit size (H x W x D)1652 x 600 x 640 mm
Cooling unit weight75 kg
Totem unit size (H x W x D)1180 x 390 x 295 mm
Totem unit weight25 Kg

B - Cloud

is the on-line management software that provides real time information and data about vending machines:


  • Consumptions
  • Sales
  • Products in stock
  • Inventory management reporting
  • Supply planning reporting

B - Software & B - Hardware

The software and hardware of the machines is fully developed and designed by Bicom which allows us a continuous restyle and the development of new ideas, from the addition of new payment services to iteration with delivery food app and much more

Barcode reader

Product loading operations are quicker: the code is automatically read and inserted into the management software.

User Unit

Touch Screen

Select your meal with a simple touch

Each vending machine has a touchscreen, where you can choose the meal and read some information about it.


Advertising is in your hands

Increase your business with advertising during the wait.

Payment Solution

All payment system

M1 integrate the most modern payment systems.

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