Vending Machines - Vending Machines for hot meals and fresh frozen meals - Bicom



Vending machines designed and manufactured in Italy by Bicom

The features that make our Vending Machines in a class of their own

  • Adaptability of vending machines to the most varied food and packaging features, to meet the requirements of the food they keep and deliver.
  • High number of different dishes to be stored:
    Each machine can handle up to a hundred different dishes at the same time.
  • Customized heating: Each vending machine is equipped with a special microwave oven whose settings can be customized to valorize the peculiarity and flavor of each dish.
  • Remote control*: the storage of the dishes is safe and the maintaining temperature can be continuously monitored by the specific online management program, through PC, tablet or smartphone.
  • Simplicity: Our vending machines are easy-to-use and allow a fast heating of foods, both fresh and frozen.
  • Focus on the customer: on the touch screen, our Midas show product information and, while waiting for the meal, they play commercials.
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