M1 - Vending Machines for hot meals and fresh frozen meals - Bicom


M1 is the automatic, low-cost, hygienically controlled and complete canteen service designed for all corporate communities and aggregation sites.

Functional Features:

Touch Screen 15.5″ 4:3
Power Supply  Single-phase, 230V/50Hz

Dimensions and weight:

Cooling unit size (H x W x D) 1652 x 600 x 640 mm
Cooling unit weight 75 kg
Totem unit size (H x W x D) 1180 x 390 x 295 mm
Totem unit weight 25 Kg

Chilling Standards for Products:

Fresh +2°C ± 1°C
Frozen  -18°C ± 1°C

Maximum Size of Product:

Length x Width x Height 240 x 175 x 40 mm


A simple and clever system consisting of:

– Interactive totem that allows the choice of meals;
It can be equipped with payment systems;
– Refrigerated warehouse unit that keeps the meals at a controlled temperature -18 ° c and also delivers them;
– Data management software capable of collecting in real time the data of its vending machines network;
– Remote control: an advanced technology that enables telemetry and remote assistance in real-time.

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