MIDA 200T - Vending Machines for hot meals and fresh frozen meals - Bicom


Mida has been thought and designed for the storage and delivery of pre-cooked fresh or frozen meals.

Thanks to the special microwave oven, the selected dish can be tasted at the right temperature.

Functional Features:

Touch Screen 15.5″ 4:3
Power Supply  Single-phase, 230V/50Hz

Dimensions and weight:

Maximum height 1930 mm
Width (without cutlery dispenser) 1335 mm
Width (with cutlery dispenser) 1485 mm
Depth 1000 mm
Weight 350 kg

Chilling Standards for Products:

Fresh +2°C ± 1°C
Frozen  -18°C ± 1°C

Cutlery Dispenser:

Dimensions of cutlery (L x W x H) 190 x 80 x 18 mm

Maximum Size of Product:

Length x Width x Height 240 x 200 x 125 mm

Main Features Description

– Adaptability of vending machines to the most varied food and packaging features, to meet the requirements of the food they keep and deliver.
– Our Midas can handle up to a hundred different dishes at the same time.
– Our Vending machines are equipped with a special microwave oven whose settings can be customized to valorize the peculiarity and flavor of each dish.
– It can be equipped with payment systems.
– The specific online management program, through PC, tablet or smartphone allows to monitor continuously the maintaining temperature, ensuring a safe storage of the dishes.

On their touch screen, our Midas show product information and, while waiting for the meal to be heaten, they play commercials.

How it works

After the meal is choosen, selected and heaten, the dish is served to the consumer.
All the operations take place without the food coming into contact with the outside, ensuring a perfect hygiene while keeping all the freshness of the dish.

Any questions about Mida?

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